(effective Thursday, February 25, 2010)

View the AISL_Registration_Form_2010 for a quick look at the daily schedule of workshops and tours.

The conference dates are Wednesday, April 14 – Friday, April 16, 2010 in Nashville, TN. You MUST be a member of the Association of Independent School Librarians to register for the conference. You can either send in your $20 membership dues to AISL along with your conference registration, or you can send your membership directly to Melinda Holmes of AISL at

If you are interested in cutting costs by room sharing or carpooling, please leave a COMMENT on this page with your information so that other attendees can contact you to make arrangements.



11 responses to “Registration

  1. I need all the information, please!

    • aisl2010

      Patricia, what we know right now is the registration fee will probably be between $275 and $300. By October we will post a registration form here with the final price, as well as a list of workshops and meal choices. ~ Susan Timmons

  2. I am hoping to attend the Nashville AISL conference, but I need to cut costs if I am able to attend. Is anyone interested in sharing a room at the Marriott? I may need to leave on Friday afternoon.

    Thanks so much.
    Diana Williams

  3. Hi, I’m just now looking this up–I knew there was going to be a conference in Nashville, but I didn’t get an email and didn’t know about the early bird deadline. What is the conference fee now?


    Memphis University School

    • aisl2010

      Go to the Registration page and open the registration form. The conference fee is now $325.00 plus you have to pay for membership to AISL for $20.00. Membership entitles you not only to attend the conference, but also to join the AISL listserv, which has the smartest, nicest, coolest independent librarians in the country, all ready to answer your most pressing library questions! Not that I’m biased….but that’s why you didn’t get an email, most of the conference notifications went out to existing AISL members via the AISL listserv.
      ~ Susan Timmons

    • Jean Bruce

      Hi Bonnie

      If you stay at the Marriott we will honor the $275.00 early bird fee.

      Hope to hear from you!


  4. I am interested in sharing a room if I get pernission to attend. Please contact me if you would like to share a room.

    • Carol Ohta

      Hi Mary Ann,

      I, too, need to get approval from my administrator before I can commit, but if I get it, I would definitely be interested in sharing a room.

      I’ll be flying in from Hawaii, so I’m pretty sure I would need to come in Tuesday and leave Saturday. Any days in between that you’d like to share a room would be great.


  5. Hi, all. Thank you for checking with me about sharing a room. Karen Phillips (Brentwood School, CA)and I (Saint Mary’s School, NC) will be sharing a room for the entire conference, and I know we both look forward to being in Nashville in the spring with such fun “librarian” colleagues. See you soon.
    Diana Williams

  6. Hello, my attendance will also depend on a room share… is anyone else still looking for a roommate at this late date…?


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