Conference Information

For more information about the upcoming conference in Nashville, please look at the attached AISL 2010 Brochure or view this video.



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6 responses to “Conference Information

  1. See above website for a hotel rate of $159. My administrator is balking at the $179 “conference” rate. Let me know,

    • Jean

      Hi Selene

      The Courtyard Marriott is down the road– only a taxi ride away– the Vandy Marriott’s regular rates begin at $209.00 per room so the $179 conference rate is a deal.

      Hope this helps


  2. Shelly Dean

    On Thurs. Ap. 15:
    1. when will Session 3 end?
    2. when does lunch catered by Picnic Cafe end?
    3. Will we return to the hotel BEFORE we tour the Parthenon / Country Music Hall of Fame?
    4. If so, when?

    • Mildred Tilley

      1. Session 3 on Thursday will end at 11:30
      2. Lunch catered by Picnic Cafe ends at 12:30
      3. We will not return to the hotel before we tour the Parthenon/Country Music Hall of Fame.
      4. We will leave the Country Music Hall of Fame at 4:15 and plan to arrive back at the Marriott @ 4:40

  3. Shelly Dean

    Another question, please! On Wed. Ap. 14:
    1. what is the start and end time for the Follett Destiny workshop?
    2. where is it? the Marriott?

  4. Jean Bruce

    Follett Destiny workshop will be at the Marriott from 3-4pm

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